Q1 of 2020 is nearly over and a clear picture of the small business tech trends has started to emerge. Technology is far from an optional indulgence for businesses today, it is the driver of growth. Deloitte’s study into Connected Small Businesses found ‘digitally advanced’ businesses are earning double the revenue per employee compared to businesses that are not.

IT is enabling a, smarter, more agile and productive workplace. But, As Steve Jobs said, rather than focus on the underlying technologies a business needs to see how IT can offer great experiences.

We are breaking down the primary technology trends for small businesses in 2020 for operations, collaboration, security… and there’s one more thing. Read on to find out what that is.


Operational automation

Automation has transformed manufacturing, making it more efficient and reliable, now it is set to revolutionize the small business environment. IT departments need to adopt automation not as an optionally deployed technology but an inseparable service.

Automation has to be considered from every perspective – digital operations to human resources. Data storage and backups can be easily automated; human resource functions can be automated; accounting can become a process-driven automation too. Basically, it’s only your imagination as a business owner that will prevent you from rolling out automation across the business.


Active cyber security

2019 saw some of the most destructive cyber attacks ever. Majors like Facebook, Capital One and Quest Diagnostics experienced devastating attacks on protected data. At the level of the small business, socially engineered attacks such as Fake CEO emails, ransomware and network breaches cost millions.

In tech trends 2020, cyber security is going to be evolving, responsive and dynamic. Static systems make for easy targets and businesses need to keep updating their security frameworks continually. Don’t discount the need for employee training either.

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Cybercrime in Canada is on a rapidly rising trajectory


Distributed collaboration

As operations have become more fragmented and staff more distributed, the need for effective collaboration has grown. From remote employees to ‘work from home’, businesses need to invest in communication platforms that are tightly integrated with their primary operations. While balancing security challenges, of course.

The tech trend of the distributed workforce and capability is only going to expand because of the cost and productivity benefits it offers. An agile business needs an IT team that enables this, rather than one that plays catch up.

Nearly four times more revenue growth – that’s what Deloitte’s study into connected small businesses has shown.


Getting ready for 2020

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One last thing…AI for small business

Artificial Intelligence is not a technology trend in business as much as it is an inevitable revolution. AI is helping businesses make sense of all the information they have, generating leads and streamlining processes.

Financial barriers have prevented small businesses from incorporating it but AI in the cloud and AI-as-a-service are changing that. Microsoft Azure and IBM Watson offer exciting opportunities and enterprise-grade tools for small businesses. Speak to us and find out how help businesses introduce and incorporate powerful AI technologies into their business.


Finding the right IT partner

For a small or even a mid-size company, sustaining an in-house IT team is simply not the way to go. The cost and administrative burden of enabling up-to-date IT capabilities will prove an obstacle for most businesses. It’s why hundreds of businesses have chosen Technical Action Group to lead their IT strategy and empower their business with relevant, affordable and cutting-edge tools – not just technologies.