PCI Compliance

Safeguard your customers’ confidential data so your business is protected from lawsuits and bad publicity.


Taking a single credit card transaction is like having someone hand you the keys to their safe, then asking you to take out just the amount of money you are owed. If you don’t handle those keys safely and a bad guy copies them and wipes out the safe, whose fault is it?

Handling credit card information is a big responsibility and one your business can’t afford to take lightly.

In an effort to ensure that all reasonable precautions are taken to protect the credit card information of individual card holders, The Payment Card Industry (PCI) has set standards for any organization that receives or maintains credit card information. PCI standards apply to you, even if your business only accepts one credit card transaction per month.

PCI standards were also created to ensure that, should an intrusion or theft occur of the physical servers that hold credit card information, that the information contained on the servers cannot be extracted by the intruders.

The Digital Security Standard (DSS) is a designation of PCI, also known as PCI Level 4. Any Toronto IT outsourcing organization that collects or maintains credit card data should invest in meeting this standard.

The DSS includes minimum security standards for where data is housed and how it is backed up and maintained, as well as the chain of custody of the documentation and how that documentation should be transmitted.

If you find PCI Compliance confusing or aren’t sure you’ve taken the proper steps to meet the standards, Technical Action Group is here to help! We have experience helping Toronto businesses make sense of the rules and execute the necessary technical steps to ensure they uphold the regulations in a cost-effective manner.

Don’t wait until there’s a problem. Make sure you’re in compliance with PCI standards today.

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