Outsourced IT Services Toronto

Fully managed IT and network support services to help your Toronto business become more effective, efficient
and profitable by minimizing downtime and IT support expenses.

Technical Support Services – Network

24 x 7 Network Monitoring
As part of our IT support services, we’ll watch every aspect of your network to detect and resolve problems before they escalate into downtime, data loss, or expensive repair issues.
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Preventative Maintenance
Extend the reliability of your hardware with regularly scheduled maintenance activities on your servers, desktops, laptops, firewalls and switches. Keep your systems current with fixes to known software bugs, a regular part of our preventative computer support services. Give yourself the ability to plan upgrades and purchases of new equipment and avoid expensive ‘panic purchases’.
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Network Security

E-mail Continuity
Stop 97% of all spam and 100% of all viruses sent via e-mail. Ensure you never lose the ability to communicate via e-mail.
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Remote Network Access
Securely and seamlessly connect to your office from home, cottage, or the road.
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Anti-Virus & Spyware Security
Data threats come in all shapes and sizes. Defend against viruses, spyware, malware, outside intrusion and employee theft.
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Web Access Control
Prevent the loss of employee productivity, network congestion and web-based threats by blocking or monitoring web access.
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Backups & Disaster Recovery

Your knowledge and history are your biggest assets. The files that are in your hardware are a lot more valuable than the hardware itself. We know businesses have different tolerances for data loss, and disaster recovery, which is why we have two distinct backup services in our suite of IT support services:

Off-Site / Remote With Disaster – Recovery
Backups are no longer just about ensuring that you are protected in the event of a disaster. Backups are about full business continuity in the event of a disaster – whether with your server or your backup system. Eliminate the risks and hassles of tape / hard drive backups.
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Tapes / Hard Drives
Get peace of mind when we monitor the success and failure of your backup system and investigate and resolve any errors. We can make sure that your backup system doesn’t let you down. Our monitoring approach means we can be alerted to simple, yet critical issues that prevent the backups from working – such as someone forgetting to insert a tape.
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Computer Support

Remote and On-Site IT Support / Computer Support
Our team of Microsoft Certified, friendly technical support technicians are just a phone call or e-mail away to our centralized Help Desk located at our offices in downtown Toronto. Over 85% of computer issues can be resolved remotely which means we can start working on your issue right away – no waiting for a technician to show up to your office.
When we do need to send a technician on-site, we can send one the same day for emergencies. No travel fees within the GTA and no after-hours charges for planned work.
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Monthly Network Support Plans
Take the surprises out of your computer and network support costs with customized, predictable and affordable managed services plans.
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Handheld Device Support
Keep your handheld devices accessible and stable with support from setup through to server synchronization and ongoing support.
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Custom IT Projects
Get help planning, budgeting, managing and executing new and enhancement projects critical to your business’s success.
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Hardware & Software Purchase, Installation & Upgrades
Get access to money-saving promotions from our vendors whether servers, desktops, laptops, firewalls, printers, wireless equipment, operating systems, office software, etc.
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Chief Information Officer

“All you need” guidance, advice and strategic planning to ensure your business stays efficient and competitive through technology. We’ll keep an eye on the health of your hardware, emerging hardware and software and make recommendations on how you can leverage them to boost your business.