Security Awareness Training

Protect what you worked so hard for from your #1 threat – human error. We’ll train your team to be security-savvy.


Protect your most valuable asset (your data) against human error through monthly simulated phishing attacks and security awareness training campaigns to educate your employees, making them the best defense against cybercrime.

Here’s how the program works:

Complete baseline assessment – this is done by setting up a phishing simulation campaign that would be delivered to all staff over one month (these are sent in small batches instead of one blast so that staff don’t notice a big surge), the campaign we would recommend would be related to your online email platform phishing. Only key IT stakeholders will be aware of the program – your staff will not be made aware.

Assessment of results: upon completion of the baseline phishing simulation campaign, users who prove the most risk will be identified, providing you with the opportunity to train on safer email handling, lessening the risk of ransomware entering your network, or confidential data being divulged to cybercriminals.

Monthly Cycle:

Phishing simulation campaigns – are setup for once monthly testing of staff using a wide variety of topics, Apple, Linkedin, spotify, ebay, dropbox, paypal, etc.

Security training & awareness campaigns – are setup for once monthly to deliver content on a wide variety of topics such as malware awareness, mobile wifi security, good password practices, CEO Scam awareness, etc.. The materials are delivered via 4-7 minute vidoes followed by a quiz.

Measure, track, and review of results, adjust training plan as needed.