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Technical Action Group exists to Empower the business growth of technology dependent Toronto businesses with 10 to 150 computers. 

Let TAG help YOUR business plan how to use technology to increase productivity, cut costs, gain competitive advantages, support your company's growth, and keep the Cyber Criminals from taking what you worked so hard to build. It's why we are one of the most trusted Toronto IT consulting companies.

As one of the most trusted Managed IT Services companies in Toronto, we help our clients prevent issues and secure their computer network with our proven 4 step process.






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Without TAG, we could have suffered major downtime

We wanted to partner with an IT support company in Toronto that would make technical recommendations with a long-term view, and proactively resolve issues before they escalated into major incidents. This was demonstrated when one of TAG's technicians identified a hard drive failure on their monitoring tools. He immediately ordered a replacement hard drive and installed the hard drive in our office on a Sunday due to the urgency of the matter. Had TAG not identified the hard drive issue we may have suffered hours or days of zero productivity due to a downed server. It's proactive and responsive service like this that makes TAG such a trusted partner of ours since 2010!

Bart Egnal President and Chief Executive Officer
The Humphrey Group
Instant Resolution To An Internal Part Of Our Business

With our last Toronto IT support services company, we weren’t getting any leads off of our website. After asking them to check if things were working ok, they said there weren’t any problems, but we continued to go for months with no web leads. When we hired TAG, they instantly identified a backlog of about 2,500 e-mails from our website that hadn’t come through to us – we were horrified at how much business this might have cost us over the past year! In about 6 or 7 minutes, Mike Stroud of TAG detected the problem, and then resolved it and we now get all of our website e-mails. TAG was able to instantly correct something that is an integral part of our business.

Dan Goldhar Dan Goldhar President
Admar Promotions
Critical Factor In The Success Of Client Projects

After going through a number of hardware and network support in Toronto partners that proved to be generally unreliable, unprofessional and sloppy, we started to refer Technical Action Group to our clients over 2 years ago. TAG has proven to be an effective, reliable and professional partner that we are now comfortable staking our reputation on.
In fact, TAG has become a critical factor in the success of our client projects because we know that we can count on best-in-class implementation and support of a robust, reliable network infrastructure that is vital to their success.

Jonathan Kay Jonathan Kay President
Datapro Technology Solutions

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