E-Mail Spam Filtering in Toronto

With the ever-increasing sophistication of phishers and scammers, it’s critical that your spam filtering solution keep them out of your team’s inboxes.


Affordable and reliable E-mail spam filtering. The benefits abound.

If you thought spam was just a fact of life for any business operating its own server, be prepared for the joy of a business life that’s 99% spam-free.

TAG provides the highest possible level of protection – a combination of both Software and Hardware scanners that stops both spam and viruses. But we don’t just stop them, we make sure they can never be a problem again.

“Blacklists’ identify known spammers and removes them from the mail stream before they can get to your inboxes.

The mail filter then runs each and every email message, identifying and dropping suspect spam, or tagging it for your further inspection.

  • Reduce your downloads: With unwanted mail rejected before it reaches your server, download costs can drop significantly, preventing unnecessary resource drainage on your IT resources.
  • Cut IT support costs: Save the time and expense of maintaining virus and spam protection at your own email server.
  • Boost staff productivity: Your employees won’t need to waste time dealing with unwanted spam.
  • Increased security: Minimize the risk of introducing viruses attached to email.