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Beat the cycle of endless computer problems! Find out how you can eliminate slow systems, crashing networks, annoying issues that keep cropping up at the worst possible times.

Do you keep spending tons of hard-earned money fixing the same IT issues? Your IT outsourcing company doesn’t suggest permanent fixes. They don’t take the time to educate you on Office 365 or G-Suite solutions, e-commerce, cloud computing, cloud storage, backup, and disaster recovery and business continuity, database management, or other technology solutions that could provide your business with significant competitive advantages in faster production, increased productivity, improved customer service, and up to the minute reporting for strategic planning and strategic planning and decision making? And let’s not forget the very important components when outsourcing your IT services needs – disaster mitigation and business continuity in the event of an unpreventable disaster.

When you outsource IT to Technical Action Group, our Managed IT Services for your technology-dependent business is structured to increase the reliability and stability of your computer systems as well as protect what you worked so hard for, from being stolen by cybercriminals. Our Toronto IT outsourcing support services help organizations increase sales and profits and be competitive in their industries; all while very often cutting IT support costs.

IT outsourcing to TAG gives your company a specialist IT support provider that exercises a holistic, proactive approach to businesses’ use of technology as opposed to the short-sighted “break/fix” reactive approach which always results in undue stresses, unnecessary technology costs, and expensive downtime.

TAG’s proactive approach to computer maintenance substantially reduces the chances for costly downtime and emergency computer support calls.

When you choose TAG for IT outsourcing and IT Services, you’ll see:

  • Increased staff efficiency due to fewer hang-ups, glitches, and computer crashes.
  • Reduction in managements’ involvement in the day to day tedium or resolving issues, and having to micro-manage your computer support partner.
  • Increased longevity of your technology investments.
  • Improved reliability, security, and stability throughout your network.
  • Early detection of ailing or outdated hardware, enabling you to prevent expensive emergency panic purchases. 
  • The ability to plan upgrades and replacements to suit your scheduling and budgeting timelines.

A suite of comprehensive IT services

  • 24×7 systems monitoring
  • Real-time identification and fixing of issues
  • Remote IT support (90+% of our support is delivered through our secure remote support tools – no waiting around for a technician to show up)
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity
  • Remote operations support
  • On-site and offsite technical support
  • Predictable budgeting
  • Attractive vendor pricing

Toronto IT Outsourcing Services

Technology Dependent Businesses in the Greater Toronto Area

We at TAG understand that businesses have different reliance on IT, varying tolerance for downtime, and varying sophistication of IT users. This is why we don’t have cookie-cutter support plans, nor do we provide an IT outsourcing Toronto proposal without first understanding your existing technical environment, what’s working well for you, what’s not, your experience with IT support services, and your business goals so we can help you determine where the technology may be holding you back, and where it can serve as a powerful tool in assisting your businesses in reaching its goals.

We provide responsive IT outsourcing Toronto services that position businesses for competing on a global stage. With nearly 20 years in the industry, we help 50+ technology-dependent businesses across Toronto and the GTA through our Managed IT Services offerings transform their IT from a constant source of frustration, stress, and perceiving IT as a cost center, to a power tool in their business.

Get in touch with a TAG representative and discuss your requirements today.

  • Device Management
  • Network Support
  • Desktop Support
  • Remote Operations
  • Professional IT Support
  • Cloud Services Management
  • CIO Services

Empower your business with IT Outsourcing

It is simply not feasible for business owners and executives to stay abreast of the latest technologies while also focus on growing the business. Outsourcing the organization’s IT ensures it is managed by qualified experts with years of IT Outsourcing experience. Our clients rely on us to empower them with cutting-edge technologies, streamline operations and generate insight.

Integrate New Technologies
Technology moves at a blindingly fast pace and an expert outsourced IT services company can help you incorporate the latest capabilities in your business affordably.

Broad Knowledge Base
A skilled, certified team with years of experience ensures systems are maintained to standard, minimizes downtime, provides expert advice and systems training.

Capabilities That Raise Competitiveness
As a small or mid-size business, discover the power of the tools and technologies used by enterprises to gain a competitive edge. Outsourcing IT in Toronto to TAG introduces your businesses to cutting-edge, affordable technologies that used to be only accessible for Fortune 500 companies. The playing field has leveled with cloud computing, affording small and medium businesses access to the same tools.

Predictable Budgeting
Flat-rate computer support plans and customized IT road maps bring a high degree of predictability to IT costs. We’ll help you plan for IT outsourcing Toronto upgrades so you can budget for them, and not risk hardware failure and security risks caused by outdated, vulnerable hardware, software, and operating systems.

Complete Transparency
Regular Meetings With Your Management – Depending on the size and reliance on IT your business, regular meetings with your senior management are held with senior members of our team to discuss progression or needed alterations to your IT road maps, trends we’ve identified in your network or user community, and we’ll offer IT solutions or recommendations to keep you in line with where you want your business to go.

Benefits of Choosing TAG for Your IT Outsourcing Requirements

A vision for long-term stability instead of quick fixes has made TAG the go-to IT outsourcing company in Toronto. Find out why all types of businesses in the city choose us.

Outsourced IT Services
When you choose us as your Outsourced managed IT services provider we will provide you with the freedom that you need to focus on what is truly important; helping your business to grow and thrive. When you allow us to handle all of your outsourced managed IT service needs, you will have more time to focus on helping your business succeed. We can provide you with a full range of Outsourced IT services company in Toronto to help keep your systems running smoothly so that you and your team can remain as efficient and effective as possible. Through 24 / 7 monitoring, our state-of-the-art monitoring tools will continuously monitor your network 24 hours a day 7 days a week, giving us the opportunity to remediate issues proactively before they become costly downtime or data loss.

Proactive Network Support
With our reliable network support services we will do all we can to ensure that your network does not go down through 24/7 monitoring, spam filtering, antivirus updates, backup testing, security patch testing, and installation, and regularly scheduled on-site preventative maintenance visits.
We understand that a down network is not just an inconvenience; it is lost productivity which could lead to the loss of sales or even potential customers. Although our network support services team will do all we can to prevent downtime and data loss, at times there are events out of control that lead to cyberattacks, or hardware failures. But if these things happen, rest assured your valuable data will be protected and your business will be back up and running with our TAGuard Backup and Disaster Recovery services.

Gain Peace of Mind
As a business owner or manager, you already have enough to worry about; the last thing you need is a technology crisis. TAG takes that worry off your plate through Toronto IT Outsourcing.

Affordable IT Outsourcing
If you are looking for an affordable IT outsourcing company then look no further we are here to offer the quality Toronto IT outsourcing services you are looking for without breaking your budget. We will sit down with you, get to know your technology and your business, and come up with a comprehensive plan specific to the challenges and needs of your business.

Find out what else IT Outsourcing can do for your Toronto business!

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