Backup and Disaster Recovery in Toronto

Businesses have different tolerances for downtime and data loss.  We’ll help you determine your tolerance and suggest a solution that fits your needs.


Businesses have different tolerances for downtime and data loss. Which is why we have 3 distinct services to cater to your tolerance.

Cloud Backups and Disaster Recovery, Toronto

Recover from any disaster in 3 hours. With all of your data intact.

Finally, small and medium-sized businesses have the luxury of a fortune 500 class disaster recovery and business continuity solution with a SMB price tag.

Say goodbye…

…to switching those tapes and hard drives, having to remember to take them off-site for safekeeping, and the frustration of them failing when you need them the most anyway.

Rest easy…

…knowing that in the event of ANY disaster, no matter how severe, your data will be recovered and your staff can get back to work again in as little as 3 HOURS.

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Off-Site / Remote Backups – With Disaster Recovery Capabilities

Backups are no longer just about ensuring that you are protected in the event of a disaster, but has migrated toward full business continuity in the event of a disaster with your server and backup system. Eliminate the risks and hassles of tape / hard drive backups.

Our unique solution offers the protection of off-site storage, the convenience of not having to worry about or be hassled about tapes, and revolutionizes backups and protects your business in way that you never thought would be affordable. At last, a completely reliable, fully automated backup solution that you can trust, period. Real time backup and the ability to recover your servers in hours, not days. Throw away your tapes and start enjoying Hassle-Free backup.

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Hard Drive Backups

Get peace of mind when we monitor the success and failure of your backup system and investigate and resolve any errors to make sure that your backup system doesn’t let you down.

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What are some disaster recovery examples?

TAG offers various options as a part of our Toronto disaster recovery in the event of disruption, outage or failure. These options include offsite and onsite data backup with the use of redundant systems, offering automated patching for critical servers, ensuring hardware and software continuity plans, and automated system checks, among others.

What are the three main components of a disaster recovery plan?

Prevention, response and recovery are the three main components of disaster recovery Toronto. The first step involves identifying potential threats, including hardware failures, power outages, natural disasters and more. The response includes taking proactive measures to mitigate them. The final step, which is recovery, involves recovering data after the incident, which involves reinstalling lost applications, restoring affected files from the backup and more.

Is backup part of disaster recovery?

Yes, backup is a crucial part of any disaster recovery plan. Having an effective backup plan in action helps organizations restore deleted or corrupted data quickly and efficiently. At Technical Action Group, we provide comprehensive backup solutions that offer superior protection for organizations’ valuable data.