Web Access Protection

Minimize chances that your team will inadvertently welcome infections into your network by visiting infected websites.


How much are you paying your staff to surf non-work related websites and threaten your business with viruses?

Not only does unauthorized Internet usage by employees sap productivity, but it also contributes to network congestion and slowdowns, and could be putting your business at risk for Web-based threats like spyware, viruses and phishing attacks that are rapidly increasing in number, complexity and effectiveness, putting businesses that rely on the Internet at risk.

Website Access Filtering:

  • Blocks access to inappropriate websites
  • Blocks malicious web threats (spyware, viruses)
  • Provides visibility to web usage through detailed reports
  • Enforces different Internet usage policies for different groups of users
  • Protects users on the entire network, including remote users.

For a minimal monthly fee, we can install a tool on any computer (the user won’t know it’s there) and it will track what websites they are surfing, and for how long. We can provide you with an easy-to-interpret report showing you their surfing history.

But if you don’t want to be Big Brother about it, we can simply put a block on inappropriate websites based on certain keywords (i.e. adult, gambling, entertainment) for any number of your staff.