If you are still thinking how your business will adapt to life during and after Covid-19, you may be in danger of being left behind. We have discussed on our blog that remote operations will be the ‘new normal’ for the foreseeable future. Now we are looking at some ways you can ensure your sales, marketing, operations and customer relationship teams continue to operate as one organization.

The aftershocks of the pandemic will reverberate for years and companies must adapt, recover business and prepare for success in the ‘new normal’.

There are three things an IT package must accomplish:

  1. Easy remote access for all employees working remotely or at home
  2. Hardware availability for employees
  3. Practical policies for data handling, security and device management

Onerous IT policies can sap morale and make work from home a burden, while well-thought systems will make employees more productive during remote work.

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Preparing for long term remote work

Network access – Though stable home internet is common in cities, it can be spotty in rural areas. Give employees clear minimum internet requirements so operations are not hindered by intermittent connectivity.

Workstations – Productivity is very dependent on employees having the same tools at home they do at the workplace. Make sure all employees have convenient workstations, bespoke hardware and access to the same software they normally do.

Cloud storage – It comes as a surprise how much information is stored or backed up on local computers when it should be migrated to the cloud. Make sure you invest in sufficient cloud storage.

Access rights – Since not all data needs to be accessible to all employees, well-planned access policies are essential for protecting sensitive data.  Privileged and confidential information like HR, and finance must be sufficiently guarded from employees who shouldn’t have access.

Video conferencing – Establish standard protocol for holding meetings internally, with clients and vendors.

Business phone lines –Company phone lines need to be accessible to employees working remotely. Consider cloud-based phone systems that work completely independently of devices and improve your responsiveness.

Training – Few organizations were prepared for mass work from home and employees are having to reinvent the wheel to accomplish even simple tasks. Talk to your IT services provider in Toronto to host training and acclimatization sessions for your workforce.

Remote monitoring – Choose a dependable IT services provider in Toronto to manage your complex systems and networks. We work closely with business owners to ensure optimum operational capacity and minimize downtime.

IT Services in Toronto

Technical Action Group is helping businesses across Toronto and the GTA transition to a long term remote working environment. Find out how our team makes your company more agile without compromising organizational integrity.