“Which is better PC or Mac?” That debate has run on and on for years. Apple even had a whole line of ads explaining why Macs were better than PCs. Until recently that argument has largely been confined to the home because when it came to the workplace Windows machines were the de facto choice. Now, however, Macs are increasingly common in offices across Canada and the question has risen once again: “Which one is better for work Mac or Windows?”

In this article we look at the pros and cons of both Apple’s Mac line of computers and Windows powered PCs. Just to be clear, we don’t have a favorite in Mac vs Windows, especially since we work with clients that use both these systems.


Spreadsheets on Windows and edit video on a Mac: does that adage still hold true today?


Pros and cons of using Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows-powered PCs at work


Pros of Macs

  • Premium feeling devices and greater perceived value
  • Excellent screens, great for design and creative work
  • Relatively more secure operating system
  • Smaller user base makes Macs less likely to be targeted by cyber attacks
  • Aluminum chassis is robust
  • Even large screen Macbooks are thin and light


Pros of PCs

  • Available for every budget
  • Huge range of desktops, laptops and studio setups to choose from
  • Customizable CPUs, GPUs and specialized hardware available
  • Wide selection of designs, including tablets and 2-in-1
  • Business models are ready for ‘road warriors’
  • Greater port availability makes connectivity easier
  • Generally accepted as business standard around the world


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Cons of Macs

  • Macbooks, iMacs and Mac Pro are expensive
  • Step-up configurations may not offer great value
  • Little or no distinction in design
  • Expensive original replacement accessories
  • Repair parts are more expensive and sold only through Apple
  • Limited port availability hinders universal connectivity
  • Need to carry dongles
  • No touchscreen options
  • Limited third-party software availability
  • Relatively rarer in business use case


Cons of PCs

  • Device quality varies from brand to brand
  • Windows is regarded as ‘less safe’ and requires security software
  • Windows 10 forces automatic updates (option to disable on Pro versions)
  • Large user base of PCs makes them prime target for hackers
  • Lower perceived brand value


Why the Mac vs PC debate is out of date

Microsoft Office 365, Zoom, Adobe Creative Cloud, cloud storage and cloud computing (even something like IBM Watson), are showing the world of computing resides on offsite servers. Windows and MacOS machines are fast becoming nothing more than keyboard and screen terminals where users access this information, with data stored and processed online. So negligible is the effect of platform on software (even custom software) that we often see clients deploy both Macs and PCs in their organization – leaving the choice up to their staff.


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