Artificial Intelligence has surrounded us. You must have asked yourself what is artificial intelligence? If you look around, your phone is probably using AI technology to identify food inside the photos you take to tag them into a specific group for future referencing. The Alexas, Siris and Google Homes are all examples of AI technology. With the advent of AI, machines are becoming smarter and can help automate and carry out tasks which would otherwise take hours for a human to complete. The benefits of AI are countless and businesses need to adapt to it as fast as possible.

The benefits of AI technology are endless and here is why you should let Artificial Intelligence do your work for you:

  • 24×7 Availability

Humans are not designed for non stop productivity and need breaks to refresh their mind and regain their productivity. On average, humans can bring 4-6 hours worth of productivity on the table. AI on the other hand can take charge of tasks 24×7 and can work tirelessly without boredom.

  • Handling Repetitive Jobs

Certain tasks are often repetitive in nature especially in banks and hospitals where certain forms have to be filled out and entered into the computer. Using AI to perform repetitive tasks can help humans from having to do mundane tasks over and over again. 

  • Digital Assistance

In today’s age with the ongoing pandemic, most offices have adapted the work from home model and we can use all the digital assistance we can get. Thankfully, cloud computing, 24X7 networking and remote monitoring have allowed businesses to go digital. With the addition of AI, businesses can create chatbots to increase customer satisfaction as they are designed to talk and behave almost identically to humans.

  • Error Free Tasks

One of the biggest advantages of automation and AI is that once the program has been designed, it can perform the same task infinitely without any errors. Humans can get tired, distracted, and stressed which can affect the quality of their output but AI does not get affected by these factors. 

  • Ease of High Risk Tasks

Robots and AI have made tasks possible which would have been impossible a mere decade ago. We can now send robots instead of humans to other planets to carry out and conduct experiments and send us the findings. Other dangerous activities can also be automated that would otherwise pose a threat to humans.

  • Increased Cyber Security

In today’s digital age, we are constantly on the verge of being hacked. Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated which is why you need increased network security services. AI can play a huge role in cyber security by instantly spotting malwares and preventing them from intruding in networks and wreaking havoc.  

  • Faster Decisions

AI can be used to make faster decisions as humans tend to look at problems from practical as well as emotional aspects. AI purely looks at it from a logical standpoint by running algorithms. It makes faster decisions by computing factors at lightning speeds. 

  • Improving Daily Life

AI applications are increasing in presence and have enhanced our day to day lives. From Alexa and Google Home suggesting us to carry an umbrella because the weather predicts rain to self driven cars being designed to help disabled individuals, AI is constantly adding improvement into our lives.

  • Life Saving Innovations

AI technology has reached a point where it can start benefiting humans by saving lives. There have been many instances where an Apple Watch has been able to warn a person of irregular heart beat so they can get medical assistance on time. Doctors are also working on AI technology that can detect breast cancer in women at very early stages. 

  • Boost for the Business and Economy

Ever since AI applications have been launched in businesses, productivity and efficiency has been at an all time high. Man and machine make a combination that cannot be stopped. As businesses grow, so will the economy.

In today’s age of work from home, our reliance on technology has increased even more and we must see it as our greatest ally. If you’re trying to get your business up and running in today’s digital economic space and you want to set up cloud computing and remote networking, we are here for you. Call (416) 489-6312  to speak to an IT Support Professional at Technical Action Group. We will provide you with the latest IT support your business requires.