Software as a Service (SaaS) is a complete cloud-based subscription service that allows you access to all your information via the internet, securely. It allows businesses to get up and running quickly with a one time purchase, yearly, or monthly subscription. Instead of having to download an application onto your computer, you are able to access your cloud hosted applications, emails, files, at any time, from anywhere, on any device, using the internet. 

While there are certain advantages and disadvantages to all applications, the basic expectation is to make sure the program functionality matches your needs. This is something to keep in mind before deciding to select which cloud service software is right for your business. 

An indicated disadvantage for SaaS is its requirement for a fast internet connection. However cloud applications can also have an  “offline” feature which allows users to continue working on their program, and have it automatically synced into the cloud once an internet connection is available again. A Managed IT Services company can help you select the right cloud application for your business.

Advantages of SaaS


  • Only pay for what you use


With SaaS, the platform adjusts according to the organization’s usage. Pay for only the capacity you need, making the business truly scalable. SaaS is more than just security.  Hold meetings with employees, clients and vendors using premium security features, for example applications such as Slack or Microsoft Office 365 to communicate. 


  • Accessibility


Access data from anywhere, regardless of what operating system or device you use to access the data such as Windows, Mac or smart phones. There’s no serious investment needed to begin to use it. That’s what makes the SaaS software so versatile.


  • Saving and storage


There’s no hassle of costs for storage with SaaS. All data is saved within the cloud which has endless space. The versatility of cloud applications afforded to small medium and large businesses is critical in today’s work from home culture which for many businesses, will be permanent, or rotational. SaaS removes the fear of losing work or worse, having it copied or held for ransom by cyber attacks. Data is transferred between devices simultaneously, making it easy for users to work from anywhere, any time.

The key components to the software are that costs are lower upfront than traditional software, and the ease in using the application in seconds! 

Data breaches on internet apps? 

Most SaaS providers, including our support team at Technical Action Group, utilizes highly secure cloud services. Contracts with vendors should guarantee that you own that data. If you notice any clause that states the vendor insists on holding ownership, do not sign the dotted line. In fact, a study by Gartner states that at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault. Since everything is connected through a centralized platform, data is easy to capture. Businesses using SaaS software have resources available such as reporting and intelligence tools. These can provide visualization and valuable insights into improving how your business operates. 

Choosing to go with SaaS software can help you save on time AND money in the long run. 

Ready for the cloud?

Get your business ready for cloud software by asking questions about how the technology works, and reviewing your specific needs. Learn more about your cloud-based software service options with SaaS. Determine whether upgrading to a cloud service is right for you, speak with a Technical Action Group I.T. support professional: (416) 489-6312.