Remote Desktop Services (RDS) allow you to take control of a virtual machine or a remote computer. This is made possible over a network connection, giving you the freedom to access your critical business applications from anywhere in the world through the internet and cloud services. With countless companies going permanent or part-time work from home for their workforce, RDS is more essential than ever.  Not only helping businesses save IT costs, but breeding more loyalty from their teams by allowing them to seamlessly and securely work from home. 

Benefits of Remote Desktop Services

Data Security

Remote Desktop Services gives businesses the option to save their data in the cloud, allowing secure to it from anywhere, using any device over the internet. Data is at the heart of every business operation and keeping it accessible and safe is every business’s top priority. With the boom of the digital age, data becomes susceptible to hacking and various other cyber threats. Non- remote desktop services are at a higher risk of data loss as data is stored on a hard drive which could easily crash and is easily accessible as well. Cloud storage on the other hand is more secure and will not be impacted by device failure. They also come equipped with added encryption security to boost data security. Switch over to RDS to enhance the data protection of your company data.


IT Services take up at least 4-6% of a business’s revenue if not more.  This can be a costly affair for small businesses.  RDS is not dependent on a business purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware, thereby allowing a business to redirect funds to other business initiatives. 

Management of Data

There is often a misconception that accessing data on remote desktop services is more complicated with complex login information or that you need special devices to access this data.  The great thing about Remote Desktop Services is that users can access data from virtually anywhere in the world.  Additionally, cloud backup helps with data recovery and reduces the chances of loss of data. By putting a secure login system in place such as multi-factor authentication, you can easily manage data breaches and control data access across the company. You can manage the work performance of the employees through task managers to ensure optimal performance. 

Boost in Productivity

Employee productivity is at its best when employees feel connected and engaged. RDS enables the workforce to stay connected even from home which is the need of the hour given the ongoing pandemic. With increased mobility and ease of access, employees can continue to perform the same tasks from the comfort of their home now, and in post-pandemic work from homeworld. When employees feel in control and work in their comfort zone, productivity, and employee loyalty increase. With streamlined performance management for both employees and employers, the business can run efficiently. 

Ease of Configuration

Standard desktops come with limited configuration. It may come with only Windows or PC compatibility. Remote desktop services however do not need any configuration. Employees can simply access the data through their current device by just simply connecting to the cloud-based service. Employees can switch over and connect from different devices with the same ease. This usability and ease of access without configuration worries make RDS a clear winner. 

The benefits provided by Remote Desktop Services are unmatchable and in today’s fast-paced world and ongoing need and future desire to continue to work from home, RDS is an excellent choice for businesses. Contact Technical Action Group at (416) 489-6312 to learn more about Remote Desktop Services and other IT Services and IT Protection we provide!