Are you a business owner who knows that cybersecurity is critical for small businesses, but you don’t know exactly what it is, or why it’s so important?. Cyberthreats aren’t only an issue for big companies and governments anymore and in fact, small businesses have become the low hanging fruit for cybercriminals because many small business owners are too preoccupied running their business to take the time to learn what it takes to keep their systems secure, or they don’t act until they’ve been attacked.  Or, their IT provider doesn’t have the necessary knowledge, or they are not proactive enough to educate them in what it takes to keep their data secure from outside threats.

Cybersecurity services have become an essential component of IT services.  It’s not enough anymore for an IT support provider to know how to fix what breaks, it’s critical they have the expertise and proven experience to keep their clients secure from the ever-evolving landscape of cyberattacks. 

With work from home becoming the new permanent normal, it’s never been more critical that small businesses take cybersecurity seriously. 

Are you unsure of how to defend your business against cyber threats and data breaches? If yes,  we are here to help you with the A-Z guide to cybersecurity for your small businesses. You can also discover why cybersecurity is essential for your business.

What is at Risk?

Cyberattacks jeopardize everything you’ve worked hard to build – your data, your money, and your client base. If a hacker gains access to your network, they could do irrevocable damage by stealing your:

  • Client lists.
  • Customer’s credit card information
  • Yours and your client’s bank account information.
  • Intellectual property

These attacks endanger not just your business, but your reputation.  Hackers could exploit their access to your network to gain a way to the networks of other organizations in your supply chain, inviting huge lawsuits.

Why do Small Businesses Need Cybersecurity?

You may believe that data breaches only affect large organizations vs small business owners. Unfortunately, this viewpoint is far from accurate. According to the NSBA (National Small Business Association), 50% of SMEs were victims of cyberattackers in 2014 and that number is increasing. Given your company’s size, you may believe that you only require the bare minimum of protection. However, thinking that way in today’s world could be a dangerous proposition.

How Does Your Small Business get Benefits from Cybersecurity?

Safeguard Sensitive Data:

Hackers may sell or misuse sensitive information if they get access to your system. It’s critical to have a dependable cybersecurity solution to evade a situation like this. Stopping threats as soon as possible can help to minimize endpoint damage and downtime following a breach.

Provides a Combined Solution:

If you currently have cybersecurity policies in place, ensure they contain a consolidated, complete solution that protects your system from various threats.

Antivirus, anti-spam, wireless protection, a firewall, VPN if staff is connecting from outside your office, and online content filtration should all be included in your security setup.

Stops Your Website from Going Down:

If your company website gets hit, it could lead to a critical data breach causing sensitive data to be hacked such as your customer’s banking details. A good cybersecurity plan will keep your website up and running without malicious attacks and will keep the faith of your consumers intact as well.

Technical Action Group – Your Choice for Small and Medium Business Security Services Providers

Keeping data secure could be out of your knowledge zone which is why it makes sense to hire the services of trusted IT professionals and service providers such as Technical Action Group. We’re one of the best-reviewed IT Network Service Providers and are there to offer support in all your security endeavors.

Being a small business, you might face difficulty in disaster recovery and improve from such an incident. Therefore, it is recommended to have access to cybersecurity solutions. 

However, having a reliable cybersecurity solution helps you to build customer trust and get better profits.

For more information on how to handle the cyberattacks contact the Technical Action Group at 416-489-6312 today. Stay guarded by having a trusted cybersecurity system and team to keep it reliable and current.