Never take the security of your email for granted. Letters, phone booths, wireless calls, and now, electronic mails; the age of technology has brought various changes in how individuals connect. Email is used by most, if not all, businesses, and it is regarded as one of the most vital communication channels in the workplace. 

Regrettably, with the advent of cybercrime, your emails are vulnerable to hacking with sensitive data in danger of being leaked. We’re here to educate you about email security to help you ensure your data and privacy is not compromised.

There are a few practices that provide an additional layer of encryption to further secure your emails. These fundamental email security standards can go a long way toward defending your spaces from hundreds, if not thousands, of attacks.

Best Email Security Practices In 2021

Two Way Authentication

Two-way authentication is a simple yet effective method of thwarting unwanted email threats. It’s akin to placing a second shield to your account, like a second lock on the door. Thankfully, practically every email platform supports two-factor authentication, but if your current system doesn’t, feel free to switch to another email service.

The two-step authentication codes are usually delivered to you via SMS, email, voice calls, or OTP apps (time-based one-time passwords).

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

With the current, ongoing work-from-home setup, having a VPN set up is a great way to ensure the security of your employees working remotely. Even if you’re using public Wi-Fi, a VPN setup enables you to work through a private server. It ensures that emails of your workers cannot be hacked even if they’re working from a cafe. Ensure that the software is up to date along with the installation of all the security patches.

Install an Antivirus Application

Just in case, it’s a good idea to keep an antivirus program on your computer. Most antivirus systems will scan email attachments for viruses before you download them and will prevent you from visiting harmful websites.

They can also assist you in removing any malware that has inadvertently entered your machine. With Technical Action Group, we’ll ensure that your network is protected through our anti-virus and spyware services to ensure your email security is never compromised.

Always Scan Attachments

It is something that cannot be overstated. Your business account will almost always be used to send and receive business emails. However, this isn’t always the case, as some emails come from unknown sources and even include files for you to open.

It may pique your interest. Plus, it could be an official email, so you can’t just toss it in the trash. Always scan attachments even if emails appear to have come from trusted sources. It could be a phishing email looking genuine. 

Change Your Password

You may be accustomed to avoiding changing passwords since remembering them is cumbersome, but the business world is not so forgiving. Changing your passwords regularly is one of the most basic email security recommendations for your business.

Every year, password leaks and data breaches occur, and thieves usually wait a while before launching another attempt. Treat your password as your first line of defense, and changing it once a year, at the absolute least, will strengthen your defenses. 

Use Caution When Using Devices

A small number of organizations now encourage employees to bring their devices to work. Employees are allowed to use their laptops and personal gadgets for work purposes, as the term implies. Get a VPN set up on personal computers in the workplace as well. Ensure all work happens only on a secure network and that the personal devices are enabled with anti-virus as well so as to not lose potential data.

Technical Action Group – Your Line of Defence

Your network is only as powerful as its weakest connection in many aspects. Don’t be the weak link in the chain. In addition to the tools administrators employ to keep undesirable threats out, user education is critical to maintaining the email security of your network. Contact the Technical Action Group at 416-489-6312 today to get the best email security for running your business safely.