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How Pirated Software Can Cost Your Business Big

ALERT! If your business Is knowingly using pirated software (or even if you’re not 100% confident it’s not), you MUST read this to learn the expensive hot water your business can get into if you get caught!

How a $500 PC from Best Buy Can End Up Costing You Triple

I know many of you reading this have been in this situation…A PC breaks down in your business (of course, at the worst possible time) and you need a new one, stat. 

Don’t Let Your Web Developer Take Your Email Down!

It happens more often than you’d think. Last week saw my incredulous frustration at yet ANOTHER case where a client’s web ...

Do You Have a Backup Plan for Your Internet Connection?

If Constant Access to the Internet is VITAL to your Business, this is a MUST read Businesses are relying more and ...

Urgent Warning: DocuSign Phishing E-mails

Technical Action Group has received reports from clients about a recent, rapid increase of phishing e-mails regarding the application DocuSign, as well as emails regarding the recent Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities recently made ...

Employees Leaving? Keep your TAG Support Team in the Know!

A brand new year is upon us with all the fresh starts and resolutions that come with it. It's also a ...


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