Reaching your target audience and expanding your consumer base is easy with email. Almost 60% of consumers claim that marketing emails impact their purchasing decisions. Getting your emails into recipients’ inboxes has become more difficult as internet privacy and protection rules have become stricter.

You might occasionally find yourself screaming at your computer screen if you have ever sent an email only to have it in the recipient’s spam folder.

You sent an essential email, but your receiver (or recipients) definitely would not see it because, let’s be real, how frequently do people check their spam folder? It is a difficult scenario. 

Your genuine emails are not reaching the inbox to a very high degree because mailbox providers have created advanced anti-spam technologies that make it more difficult for spammers to get into the inbox. Sadly, even if you are a trustworthy sender, this can still apply to you. The issue is that these security procedures are so clever that one tiny error on your part as a sender might result in the bulk of your email ending up in the spam bin. Here are the top reasons why your email might be landing in the spam email folder:

Did Not Get Permission from the Recipients

Emails should only be sent to recipients who choose to receive them; thus, this should not surprise anyone. It is an important principle as it will always improve your deliverability. Build option lists through your website or application rather than buying unreliable bulk email lists that will harm your sender’s reputation and deliverability. Make joining your email list simple and appealing for visitors to your website. Making the subscribe button easy to find or providing a benefit for signing up can accomplish this. Building these lists naturally will surely assist your email in reaching the inbox, regardless of how you go about it.

Receive Negative Engagement

The fact that interested people are more likely to engage positively when they get your emails is one of the reasons the preceding statement is so crucial. It implies that they will see, examine, engage with, and perhaps even forward your email. This productive interaction is highly watched by mailbox providers and will improve your sender’s reputation. More emails will arrive in the inbox instead of the spam email bin, the more reputable you are.

No Unsubscribe Link

Deliverability will improve if your email includes an unsubscribe link that is clear and simple to find. Consider the following reasons why an unsubscribe button is crucial. We understand that you want the individuals on your lists to remain there, but the fact is that there will always be people who formerly wanted to receive your emails but no longer do. These residents require a simple method of unsubscribing from emails, such as a button. If not, they are more likely to designate you as spam email, which harms your sender’s reputation and makes it harder for you to get through to the inbox. One of the most detrimental things for deliverability is having a lot of spam complaints on your email.

Bad IP Reputation

You could send emails from a shared IP address depending on how your email sending settings are set up. Depending on several variables, sharing an IP might have disadvantages even if it can be the best choice for you. You must cope with the consequences of your emails appearing in spam if the IP address you are sending already has a bad reputation due to prior or present senders with undesirable behaviors. While engaging with a trustworthy email service provider, like Technica Action Group, can help set you on the right road.

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These suggestions are a wonderful place to start, but there are many more things to consider before sending your emails. Fortunately, a trustworthy email service provider can ensure you have all you need to prevent your emails from ending up in the spam folder. A competent email service provider like Technical Action Group handles the grunt work for you and provides you with the tools and infrastructure you need to reliably send an email, including authentication, IP warming, and metric tracking.

Read our in-depth email deliverability guide to understand more about email deliverability and all the factors that affect it. Contact Technical Action Group (416-489-6312) to learn the art of reaching the inbox.