You are paying for computer support. You have antivirus software. And yet, you are STILL getting viruses that slow down (or crash!) your computer, impede you from getting your work done, and generally create a HUGE pain in the you-know-what. So, what are some major reasons why you can’t stop getting viruses?

1. You are on the Internet.

Yes, you HAVE to be online to run your business, but the reality is that NOTHING is 100% perfect in completely blocking every single harmful virus, worm, Trojan horse or hacker. And nothing can completely keep out all malware or spyware that tries to wander onto your system while you are online. Unfortunately, running a totally offline business is not an option for 99.9% of us today, and the next three reasons take that truth into account.

2. Your firewall isn’t strong enough.

Most computers and servers have some type of firewall inherently built into the operating system and then a basic hardware firewall, which is a physical box that allows Internet traffic in and out of your network, to block the evil-doers. Take note, though: NOT ALL FIREWALLS ARE CREATED EQUAL. Some firewalls can lock down your network tighter than Fort Knox, while others act more like a window screen that keeps out only the REALLY BIG bugs. In general, the higher quality (and, yes, more expensive) firewalls will offer better protection; our clients with these more premium firewalls have fewer viruses and other malware issues than the ones without!

You may not believe it, but in some ways a firewall is MORE important than antivirus software. This is because for antivirus software to do its job, a virus has already got to be on the computer, whereas a good firewall will block most viruses from ever entering your system. For more on modern firewalls and how they protect your network, check out our previous blog post.

3. Your wireless card or home internet usage are to blame.

Most people don’t realize that even if they have a firewall protecting their computer at work, they are vulnerable at home. Especially if you use a wireless card (3G/4G card) or you download files onto your computer via your home Internet connection that has no firewall, you may be unknowingly carrying nasty intruders like viruses back to work to wreak havoc on your systems there.

4. Your Antivirus Software is Inadequate.

When antivirus software detects a virus, it can quarantine the malicious item, clean it, and repair any damage to the system, if necessary. If you have a free version of antivirus software, or have any antivirus product that does not automatically update at least weekly, your protection from threats on your computer is minimal.

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