Criminals’ attack tactics are becoming more complex and inventive, as seen by the parabolic growth in cyber assaults. Cyber assaults affect a growing number of businesses, resulting in significant financial losses and intellectual property theft. Organizations are beginning to include dark web monitoring capabilities in their cyber security efforts since stolen data or information is frequently sold on the dark web.

What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

Dark web scans monitor chat rooms, blogs, forums, private networks, and other sites that criminals are known to visit using a combination of human and artificial intelligence. These scans detect compromised credentials on the Dark Web and notify you when this information is compromised. 
Credentials such as usernames and passwords are particular dangers as cybercriminals can use these to hack into your systems.
The Surface Web

Sometimes known as the World Wide Web, it is a network that anyone may access anywhere, at any time. Search engines like Google and Yahoo extensively index all material on the surface web.

The Deep Web

It contains 96 percent of all web content that is not indexed by traditional search engines and requires specific permissions to access. Your personal Facebook page or Amazon account, for example, exists on the deep web since it is not found in Google searches.

The Dark Web

1% of the Deep web comprises a sort of web that is not indexed by any search engine and is commonly used for illegal activities. Dark Web Monitoring maintains track of a company’s sensitive data on the dark web and alerts them if it is discovered. Dark web monitoring for businesses assists companies in limiting the impact of a data breach and taking the required steps to safeguard themselves, their workers, clients, and other stakeholders against a possible assault.

Benefits Of Dark Web Monitoring

Increases The Likelihood Of Detecting And Mitigating Data Breaches

Scans of the dark web for stolen customer lists or data, staff login passwords, and the company’s email domains and IP addresses are all part of dark web surveillance. If this information is discovered on the dark web, it can assist your company in detecting a current data breach or a previous data breach. By detecting these assaults early, an organization can minimize financial and reputational harm.

Assist Businesses In Protecting Their Employees’ And Clients’ Personal Information

Dark web scans can assist detect sensitive information about workers or clients that ends up on the dark web. This information can be utilized to prevent criminals from using stolen data for any kind of extortion or blackmail.

Help Firms Better Prepare For Potential Attacks

Organizations may learn about previous breaches and data by monitoring the dark web. Information security teams can determine whether systems have been hacked in the past and how attackers exploited weaknesses. Organizations may use this information to develop a solid action plan for preventing future assaults.

Assist Enterprises In Reducing The Time It Takes For Them To Discover A Data Breach

Organizations might spend a long time in the dark following a data breach if they don’t monitor the dark web 24/7. It allows them to quickly detect when their sensitive information goes into the hands of criminals. As a result, a criminal’s total window of opportunity to create copies of sensitive material and sell it is reduced.

Get Started With Dark Web Monitoring For Business with Technical Action Group

It might be challenging to get started with your dark web surveillance application. Even though the dark web is far smaller than the clear web, it contains dozens of markets covering thousands of pages. In addition, many multinational corporations invest heavily in threat intelligence tools to detect risks to their businesses. However, a fully-fledged threat intelligence program may be challenging to fund for small and mid-size companies.

Fortunately, Technical Action Group can assist businesses in gaining insight into dangers both within and outside the firm. So if you’d like to learn more about how dark web monitoring can help your security team aggressively hunt threats and lower your total risk profile, please get in touch with Technical Action Group at (416) 489-6312, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.