Computer Support Specialist Toronto

When you’re a small or medium-sized Toronto business, affording everything that keeps your business growth at optimum levels can be quite a challenge. From wages to services to just keeping the lights on, running a small business takes a daily effort. So what happens when your company needs affordable computer service to support your PCs, MACs, laptops, servers and network devices? Technical Action Group’s help desk services located in Toronto can help with just that, and not only are our services professional and personable, but affordable too.

We provide many things to assist your Toronto business. When you have problems with anything computer related, we’re on standby to solve your problems immediately and without charging you monstrous fees to do so. When you need assistance with server, network, PC, MAC, laptop, mobile device issues, or virus removal (and preventing viruses), Technical Action Group is here to help you.

Remote and On-Site Computer Support

Our team of Certified, friendly technical support technicians are just a phone call or e-mail away to our centralized Help Desk located at our offices in downtown Toronto to help you with your PC, MAC, laptop, server, and networking issues. Over 90% of our IT services can be resolved remotely which means we can start working on your issue right away – no waiting for a technician to show up to your office.

When we do need to send a technician on-site, we can send one the same day for emergencies.

Handheld Device Support

With an ever-increasing dependency on handheld and other mobile devices, you need them stable and accessible 24/7. We can handle everything from device setup and configuration, troubleshooting issues, and installing and maintaining your own synchronization server if necessary.

Vendor Liaison Services

Free yourself from the aggravation and confusion in dealing with your 3rd party internet, phone and business application vendors. Let us navigate through their double-talk and confusing lingo to make sure your upgrade, installation or cutover gets done right, and on time.