If you rely on between 10 and 75 computers in your operation,

outsourcing IT support to TAG could be the best business-building decision you make this year.

Is managing your IT distracting you from building your business?

  • Unlike many IT companies that just “fix what breaks”, TAG’s proactive approach to computer support focuses on preventing costly and disruptive glitches, breakdowns and interruptions from happening in the first place.
  • We’ll always schedule network outages during times that are not disruptive to your business. (evenings or weekends).
  • And there are no after hours premium charges for planned upgrades and changes to your network.
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Could your unreliable network be costing you customers?

  • The combination of our business and technical expertise means not only do we know how to keep your data constantly accessible, but we know it’s a number one priority to your business to make it happen.
  • We guarantee to respond to any crisis within 60 minutes.
  • TAG’s objective, in all cases of computer distress is to get everything back up and running before your staff’s frustration levels start costing you productivity and missed deadlines.
  • Hear what our satisfied customers have to say.

Is the cost of your technical support out of control?

  • TAG is far less expensive than hiring full-time support staff. And more efficient and reliable than a part-time in house solution.
  • We provide transparent, predictable and affordable pricing.
  • Every bill from TAG is guaranteed to be accurate and detailed
  • ALL charges will be pre-approved by you.
  • Hear what our satisfied customers have to say.