Could your unreliable network be costing you customers?

Hold on to the customers you have. Don’t miss opportunities to get new ones

When your network goes down, it represents more than just inconvenience. It means lost productivity and the potential for lost customer requests and even sales.

What TAG Can Do For You

TAG is an IT support company who’s IT services will provide your sales and service teams in your Toronto business with responsive, dependable IT solutions and network support so that your present and future customers aren’t left out in the cold because of your computer issues.

We will protect your data and keep your network running with continuous access to your critical customer files. In the event of a disaster, our recovery service ensures business continuity.

How TAG Will Do It

The combination of our business and technical expertise means not only knowing how to keep your data constantly accessible, but knowing it’s a number-one priority to make it happen.

In fact, we guarantee to respond to any crisis within 60 minutes.

TAG’s objective, in all cases of computer distress, is to get everything back up and running before your staff’s frustration levels start costing you productivity and missed deadlines.

TAG came to us highly recommended. In our initial meetings, we were impressed with TAG’s knowledge. They were personable and we felt confident that Joe and his team would work hard and make necessary changes to keep our computers, network and internet services running smoothly.
We are pleased with the decision to use TAG as our outsourced IT services provider in Toronto. Many modifications to our system were necessary. Their expert advice, prompt response time and approachability have been very valuable. As the IT contact, I have confidence just knowing I can rely on TAG to answer a question or look into something right away. They keep us running smoothly! We depend on TAG and would highly recommend them.

We Depend On TAGCheryl Rogers, Executive Assistant to District Superintendent. The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada – Eastern Ontario Division