dec 2011

December, 2011 – Inside this Issue:

  • Why You Need To Replace Your 3+ Year Old Firewall
  • 4 Hidden Dangers Electricity Poses To Your Network…And One Simple, Inexpensive Solution That Will Prevent Them
  • 2 Cool Apps For Your Toronto Business
  • Shiny New Gadget Of The Month – Solar Powered Charger
  • The 15 Most Important Rules of E-Mail Etiquette
  • 5 (Cheap) Ways To Make Old Computers Faster and More Reliable
  • How To Turn Your Smartphone Into Your Own Wi-Fi Hotspot
nov 2011

November, 2011 – Inside this Issue:

  • Security Alert! Hackers and Cyber Criminals Are Now Concentrating Their Attacks On Small Business
  • Shiny New Gadget Of The Month – Never Lose Valuable Items Again with the Cobra Phone Tag
  • 2 Cool Apps For Your Business
  • What Every Business Onwer MUST Know To Protect Against On-Line Identity Theft
  • Up To 17 Hours Of Your Time Is Wasted On Things Your IT Support Provider Might Not Warn You About
  • Skype – It’s Much More Than Video Chatting
  • Are You Being Too Cheap On IT Services To Protect This Aspect Of Your Business?
oct 2011

October, 2011 – Inside this Issue:

  • Disaster Recovery: The Most Critical Port to Backup Services That Most Companies Overlook
  • Shiny New Gadget Of The Month – Bedphones
  • 2 Cool Apps For Your Toronto Business
  • How To Keep Your Laptop Secure When Using Wi-Fi
  • If Getting E-Mail Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device WITHOUT Any Downtime is Critical To Your Business, Read This…
  • 9 Steps You MUST Know To Prevent A Server Crash That Your IT Support Provider May Not Have Told You
  • 7 Reasons Computers Run Slower As They Get Older
sep 2011

September, 2011 – Inside this Issue:

  • How Using Pirated Software Can Cost Your Toronto Business Tens of Thousands of Dollars AND Wreak Havoc On Your Network – Your IT Services Provider Might Be Exposing You To These Dangers!
  • Shiny New Gadget Of The Month – An Organizer’s Dream!
  • A “No Geek Speak” Explanation of Cloud Computing
  • Boost Productivity With These Cool Apps
  • Warning Signs Your Computer Is Infected With Spyware
aug 2011

August, 2011 – Inside this Issue:

  • Can You or your IT support provider Answer These 4 Critical Questions About Your Backups?
  • Shiny New Gadget Of The Month – EchoSign
  • Can you REALLY Get Micorosoft Office For Just $6 A Month?
  • Is Slow Access To Your Work Files From Home Driving Your Company Crazy? Learn How TAG ’s IT Services Can Speed It Up
  • A Simple, Affordable Way To Increase Employee Efficiency By 25%
  • Quick – What Do You Do When An Employee Had Their Laptop Stolen Or Lost It?
  • Should You Leave Your Computer On At Night Or Turn It Off?
july 2011

July, 2011 – Inside this Issue:

  • The Importance of Locking Down EVERY Workstation In Your Company That Your IT Support Company Might Not Have Told You
  • Shiny New Gadget Of The Month – mobileme
  • 2 Cool Apps For Your Business
  • 7 Simple Ways To Keep Your iPad Secure
  • How Exposed Are You Online?
  • Are You Making These “Summertime Mistakes” With Your Server?
  • Careful! Phishing E-Mails Are On The Rise!
june 2011

June, 2011 – Inside this Issue:

  • Save Your Company From THIS Embarrassment
  • Why EVERY Computer In Your Business MUST Have E-Mail Filtering
  • 2 Cool Apps For Your Business
  • How To Be Safe & Smart On Social Networking Sites
  • What QR Codes Are & How You Can Profit From Them
  • How To Make Sure Your E-Mails Get Delivered
may 2011

May, 2011 – Inside this Issue:

  • 6 Reasons To Choose Hosted Solutions Over Traditional IT
  • Work Faster With Windows 7 In 7 Ways
  • Why You’re Still Getting Viruses
  • 3 Cool Apps For Your Business
  • Avoid These Top 5 Security Mistakes
  • Get the Advantages of MS Exchange Without All The Costs
  • Eliminate Cell Phone Use While Driving With This Software
apr 2011

April, 2011 – Inside this Issue:

  • Is Your IT Services Provider Letting You Mak These Dangerous Security Mistakes?
  • Learn How To Spend $1.00 To Get $3.25 in Change
  • 3 Reasons To Start That Blog. Even If No One Reads It.
  • Social Media Policies In the Workplace
  • Boost Your PC’s Performance With These Easy Steps
feb 2011

February, 2011 – Inside this Issue:

  • How SharePoint Can Skyrocket Your Company’s Productivity Without Costing You A Bundle
  • How To Print An Image Or Document From Anywhere By E-Mailing It To Your Printer
  • How Clean Is Your Computer? You’ll Be Shocked To Learn What’s Lurking On The Surface!
  • Why Your “Not-To-Do’ List Is Just As Important As Your ‘To-Do’ List
  • Drive Productivity With These Smartphone Apps
jan 2011

January, 2011 – Inside this Issue:

  • The Top 5 Worst Technology Habits That TAG As Your IT Support Provider Can Help You Break In 2011
  • How To Carry Your Laptop On A USB Drive
  • SEO Poisoning: What It Is And What You Need To Do To Protect Yourself.
  • How To Stop Your Employees From Excessive Cell Phone Use While At Work