Because IT security is such an IMPORTANT topic, TAG has a series of weekly IT security tips to show your business and all employees how to drastically reduce your chances of being a victim of cybercrime.

And these valuable tips won’t cost you a dime.

We believe education on safe computing practices is so vital in this day and age of ever increasing cyber threats, that we provide this service for free to all of our clients.

These weekly e-mails (which take about 10 seconds to read) – and the strategies they contain – could save you from getting your bank account wiped out, getting your clients’ personal information stolen, losing critical data and having your systems down for extended periods of time.

Every week we’ll focus on a single, simple thing you and your employees can do to avoid a data breach.

We’ll also alert you and all employees if we see any new threats developing that you need to be on high alert for. Those e-mails will have the subject line “Urgent Security Alert: New Threat Detected” so you and your employees know to read those right away and be on the lookout for that particular threat. They will detail what the threat is, and our recommendation on what you need to do to protect your organization.

As you would expect, we’ll do everything on our end to keep your network secure; however, security is a team effort. You and your employees need to know how to avoid accidentally inviting a hacker, virus or data breach into your organization, which is why we developed this program.