E-Mail Continuity

How long can your business go without  E-Mail?  With an E-Mail Continuity Service, you won’t have to find out.


If your business dictates the requirement to have a dedicated E-Mail server on-site or in a data center, our E-Mail continuity service will enable your entire staff to manage and use their e-mail over the web from an internet connection anywhere outside your office or over a backup internet connection.

Having an Email Continuity Service will give your entire staff access to E-Mail even when your internet or E-Mail server goes down.

Staff will be able to instantly log into their mail via Web Portal where they can view and respond to any new messages received.

Once your internet service is restored, any messages received during the outage will be available in their mailboxes.

E-Mail continuity is an always-on service, so there’s no need to burn time waiting for us to activate it while you’re waiting for your internet service provider or E-Mail server to get back online.