Your Own Chief Information Officer (CIO) without the Hefty Price Tag

Technology changes so fast that it's hard for most businesses to keep up. Yet, one of the best ways to secure your network and keep your systems running smoothly is investing in technology and processes that grow with your business.

At Technical Action Group we believe your technology should be an investment. Not an expense that drains profits from the bottom line. We're passionate about helping our clients realize their potential and navigate the ever-changing world of tools that can streamline their processes and make running their businesses easier and more productive than ever.

That's why we offer a one of a kind CIO service to all of our managed services clients, at no extra charge.

What TAG’s All-You-Need CIO Service Can Do For Your Business

You Won't Be Left Behind
We ensure that your company adapts to industry standards so you never fall behind. We do this by keeping you informed about emerging technologies that you can leverage for increased productivity and profit.

We Look to the Future
Whenever we solve a problem in the present, we always look at how any repairs we make or hardware purchases we suggest affect the long-term vision for your business.

Regular Technology Reviews
We perform a full technology and business review with your management, on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, depending on the size of your business and your level of reliance on technology. We'll review the current state of your technology, discuss any recurring issues and look at upcoming business goals. Then we'll develop a plan to alleviate any issues and support your long-term goals.

Check out a this actual IT Review to get an idea of our process. Names have been omitted for confidentiality.


Support Behind the Scenes
Between technology reviews, our senior technicians and management team discuss recurring issues within your network and develop recommendations for improvement. These recommendations are presented to your management team on a regular basis.

Personalized IT Road Map
As part of our CIO meetings with your management, we design an IT roadmap. This roadmap connects your business goals with your technology and contains a schedule for implementation based on urgency and budget. The IT roadmap is reviewed at each CIO meeting in order to keep your goals on track or make adjustments as necessary based on the fluctuating needs of your business.

Check out an actual TAG client IT Roadmap. Names have been omitted for confidentiality.


Are you ready to turn your technology into the business asset it should be?
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