Recover from any disaster in 3 hours. With all of your data intact.

Finally, small and medium-sized businesses have the luxury of a fortune 500 class disaster recovery and business continuity solution with a SMB price tag.

Say goodbye…

…to switching those tapes and hard drives, having to remember to take them off-site for safekeeping, and the frustration of them failing when you need them the most anyway.

Rest easy…

…knowing that in the event of ANY disaster, no matter how severe, your data will be recovered and your staff can get back to work again in as little as 3 HOURS.

Backing Up Your Data

Your data is transmitted directly from your server(s) on a regular frequency to multiple secure, off-site data centers located in different geographical areas to protect against a catastrophic event in one location.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

In the event of a server failure, losing your server due to fire, theft or flood, or losing your entire office, a virtual version (mirror image) of your server can be enabled which will provide all of your employees access to all data and applications that were on your server prior to the event. All that’s needed to access the data is a computer and internet connection which means even if you lose your entire office, your staff can get back to work at home or temporary office location.