Categories and Questions About TAG’s IT Support and Network Support Services

My Network and my Company

My business doesn’t have a server. Can TAG support my company?
Not at this time. Our service delivery processes leverage many automated features that require the presence of a server on a network that we support. By not having a server, our service rates would have to be substantially higher to deliver the same level of support that we consistently strive to maintain. Furthermore, the monitoring component of our services, which is a cornerstone of our services, has a minimum requirement of a server.

My business has a server but less than 10 workstations. Can TAG support my company?
I have a server, but less than 10 workstations. Can TAG support my company?Not at this time. As a result of minimum licensing costs of our monitoring solution (which is an integral part of TAG’s service delivery), our IT support delivery costs far outweigh the benefits for clients that have a network with less than 1 server and 10 desktops / laptops. As such, the cost to deliver our services to customers of this size would be too great for the customer.

Does TAG support MACS?
TAG supports MACS so they can gain access to a Windows network and server, however for the actual work on MAC operating systems, we use a MAC authorized partner for IT services for MAC’s. This arrangement works quite well with our clients that have a mixed environment of a Windows network with a small percentage of MAC computers.

Should your environment be predominantly MAC and not consist of a Windows server, we can refer you to someone to manage your network requirements.

Hardware and Software Supported

What software does TAG support?
TAG supports all Microsoft products and most of the other software products commonly used by small businesses. Support on commonly used applications is available.

For non-standard or custom software applications such as accounting software and database applications, support is limited to ensuring network conductivity to the applications.

What hardware does TAG support?
TAG does limited hardware repairs such as hard drive replacements, memory upgrades, and power supply replacements. For more complex requirements we will work with the hardware manufacturer on your behalf in the case of warranty repairs. In the case that a piece of hardware is not under warranty we will assist you with purchasing new hardware and we can install and deploy it.

Can I buy hardware and software from TAG?
We do provide and install virtually any software or hardware you’ll need in your business such as servers, desktops, laptops, firewalls, printers, wireless equipment, etc.

Through our relationship with our many vendors, we have access to periodic cash-back promotions and affordable financing options for certain hardware and software purchases.

Managed IT Services vs. Break/Fix Hourly Support

Why should I use managed IT services over a traditional “call when we need” computer support service?
Unlike many IT companies that just “fix what breaks” (also known as “call us when you need us”) which is the typical support offered in an hourly service, TAG’s proactive approach to computer support focuses on preventing costly and disruptive glitches, breakdowns and interruptions from happening in the first place.

Almost every business that has hired TAG had received traditional hourly computer support before hiring us. These businesses found themselves frustrated over the repeated issues they were having in their IT environment because their computer support provider wasn’t proactively preventing them in the first place, or offering any useful advice on how they could use technology to support their current objectives and future goals.

These businesses also realized that an important element to their future success was to partner with a company who looked at IT support with “business goggles” who had sound business and technology expertise to help them leverage IT for a competitive edge, boost their staff’s productivity, and get control over their IT costs.

Bob in our office knows a bit about computers and can help out with the simple day to day issues. Can I just call TAG when Bob is over his head?
We’ve found through years of experience that many small businesses use a friend or employee to try to manage their computer systems. However, these people don’t have the expertise or the time to keep up to date with the latest technologies or solutions, they move on to other jobs, or are unavailable when you need them. These can cost you dearly in lost productivity because it either takes Bob longer to fix the problem, or he has more pressing things to deal with, like his job. Bob also doesn’t have the time or knowledge to stay current with technology trends, nor he does have the full picture of what it takes to manage a network, keep it running at its optimum and fully leverage the technology investments you’ve made, or ones you could make.

TAG specializes in delivering total technology solutions through “managed IT services“. By managing our clients entire IT infrastructure, we help them stay on top of trends, issues, security risks, and other things that, if not dealt with promptly and properly, can bring your business to a standstill.

TAG is an affordable solution that allows you to contact a qualified team, with a wide array of skills to help you with all your technology requirements. It’s like having an entire IT department working for you for a fraction of the cost.

How will TAG help my business and employees perform better?
Many small businesses don’t have reliable technology help or avoid using it for fear they are running up huge monthly bills. Others have nowhere to turn when they need support. TAG allows your employees to get support when they need it, affordably.

Your employees will be more productive, and your business more profitable using our services as our support model is such that we can identify issues before they become downtime, alert you to potentials for stressful and productivity-draining downtime caused by technology glitches and crashes, and quick to respond to any emergencies.

With TAG looking after the A-Z of your computer network, we can get to know your network and your business intimately. This gives you the power to plan for changes to your IT environment according to your timing and budget instead of having to make emergency panic decisions that may be the wrong ones.

How does TAG’s service differ from my in-house IT support or an independent IT consultant
While in-house IT support or independent IT consultants (who service many clients) have the best intentions and can provide good service some of the time, unfortunately they are limited to their own individual availability and capabilities. This means they can only service one client at a time, which means you might have days or weeks long waits in the event they are sick, on vacation, overbooked or tied up with another client’s project or emergency. It also means that they may not have the expertise needed to help you with complex computer issues, often resulting in their learning on your dime.

TAG combines the best IT management tools and practices with the highest levels of customer service backed by the resources of a complete IT team covering a wide array of expertise. TAG will proactively monitor and manage the health of your network, solving problems before they are noticed by you and have negative impacts your business.

With TAG, our clients benefit from a pool of varied education, field experience and business knowledge that our team has accumulated over the years. Our technicians receiving assistance in delivering the best service possible by way of TAG’s substantial investments in internal processes and support tools.

Why shouldn’t I just call the manufacturer of my computer for help?
We’ve found through years of experience that many small businesses use a friend or employee to try to manage their computer systems. However, these people don’t have the expertise or the time to keep up to date with the latest technologies or solutions, they move on to other jobs, or are unavailable when you need them. These can cost you dearly in lost productivity because it either takes Bob longer to fix the problem, or he has more pressing things to deal That does seem to make sense. However, most people who have tried this just get extremely frustrated. Long hold times, passing the buck to another manufacturer, being charged a fee for every call – it’s enough to make you scream.

Also, your manufacturer will not support issues with the operating system or applications; nor do they know the configuration of your network and therefore can easily lead you down the wrong path, or create other problems while trying to fix the one you went to them with.

TAG will start solving problems with your computer immediately over the Internet or phone. If we can’t, we are in downtown Toronto, so we can send one of our technicians over to take care of it in person.


How does TAG charge for its services?
TAG offers three levels of managed services that consist of combinations of proactive 24×7 network monitoring, preventative maintenance and reactive computer support, tailored for each businesses’ needs and budget.

The reactive computer support component is offered in 2 ways ? a set number of hours per month for a flat fee depending on the size of your network, or unlimited remote services for an affordable flat monthly fee with on-site service being charged by the hour. Remember, over 85% of computer issues can be solved remotely, so budgeting your IT costs becomes easy.

We do not offer strictly “by the hour” break/fix services without monitoring and preventative maintenance components. This was a decision TAG made years ago to only provide businesses with “total care” of their computer network so as to minimize their downtime, get their IT costs more predictable, and help them utilize their technology as a power tool in the success of their business.

Through our Chief Information Officer services included with our managed services plans (at no extra charge), we’ll help your business stay profitable, productive and have a competitive edge through sound and proven advice on how to use technology to achieve your businesses’ immediate and future requirements.

Think of TAG as a strategic partner to your business’ success, rather than just “the computer guy” that shows up only when things go wrong.

Can TAG give me its prices over the phone or by e-mail?
In order to provide you with accurate service plan options and pricing we must learn more about the way your company currently leverages its technology, as well as its current business and technical challenges, and future business plans in order that we can provide recommendations that are in-line with all of these items. It’s also an opportunity for us to explain to you the way we work so you can make the initial determination of whether we are a fit for your needs.

We find that the most efficient way to gather this information is to book an initial call with someone from the company with a keen awareness of the existing technical environment, so we can understand if we can be of assistance. This call is generally followed by a site meeting to review the technology setup, and have a discussion with the key decision maker. If it is determined that TAG is a fit for the company, then we prepare a proposal and review it in person with the decision maker.

Do I have to sign up for monitoring and preventative maintenance to work with TAG?
Monitoring tools enable us to see the “full picture” of what’s going on in your network. By monitoring your key network systems (servers, desktops, network devices), we are alerted to most issues before they become downtime. Further if there is a problem, we are able to leverage information collected by the monitoring system to troubleshoot in a more effective, efficient manner; which means quicker resolution, and lower support costs to our clients.

By managing your entire computer network, we get to know it inside and out. We can be alerted to recurring trends and advise you on ways to overcome them.

What sets us apart from a great deal of our competitors is our mandate to build long-term relationships with our clients, and be an integral part of their success by helping them maximize their investments in their technology. The best way to achieve this, is that we not only be reactive in times of need, but predominantly, proactive in our services. It’s impossible to stay true to our core business and delivery on our claims if all we are involved in is being called upon for “break / fix” emergencies.

Does TAG guarantee its services?
We sure do! In fact we have a bold guarantee that a lot of businesses wouldn’t dare to make. If after 90 days of hiring TAG you are not happy or regret your decision for any reason whatsoever, we will refund every penny you have paid for our services ? no hassles, caveats, or loopholes.

We’ve often been told we’re crazy for offering this kind of guarantee because companies would take advantage of it. But we know from speaking to hundreds of business owners and managers over the years that the honest, hard-working ones just want a technology company they can finally depend on, give them excellent customer service, won’t nickel and dime them, and be a vested partner in their success. They’re not out to just get 3 months of free service and move on.

The guarantee is our way of not only holding ourselves accountable to “walking our talk”, but to ease the anxiety from business owners who have been repeatedly burned by previous IT support providers.

Remote Computer Support Services

Explain remote computer support ? how can TAG fix our computers if they don’t send a technician to my office?
We use remote control software that allows us to take control of your computer so we can see everything on it. Remote control allows us to do most of our work over the Internet. No worries ? your information is completely safe and it enables us to fix your issues in a more timely and cost effective manner since we don’t need to send a technician to your office.

Further, we are able to resolve over 85% of computer issues remotely. You won’t be disrupted in the middle of your work because we will get your permission each and every time we access your computer so that we can fix it at a convenient time for you.

About TAG

Why did you start TAG?
When Joe Stoll was an independent technology consultant, he learned that most small and medium businesses were continuously having a challenge getting consistent, reliable advice and support for their computer systems, and larger service providers were not interested in supporting smaller businesses.

We all know that small businesses are accounting for a larger percentage of the Canadian economy every year. To stay competitive, these companies not only need, but deserve the same quality, and suite of computer support services available to large businesses, but not pay big business prices.

How long has TAG been doing computer support for businesses?
Since 2003, TAG has been providing network and infrastructure support to small and medium-sized businesses that rely on technology to conduct their business and provided business-focused solutions tailored to each client’s unique requirements helping them to:

    • maximize their technology investment
    • remove the burden of managing their day to day technology environment
    • focus their attention on their core business

Does TAG have multiple technicians on staff?
Yes. With multiple technicians on staff, our clients aren’t left stranded if one of our technicians goes on vacation or calls in sick.

Also, with multiple technicians comes a vast array of expertise that is near impossible to get in one IT consultant. This means that we can assign your computer issue or project to the most qualified resource, ensuring that your issues get resolved efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Service Area

My company’s headquarters are in Toronto, but I have satellite offices outside of Toronto. Can TAG support all of my offices?
Though TAG’s offices are in Toronto, we have clients throughout the GTA, Canada, and USA. Our ability to service our clients remotely over 85% of the time means that a technician does not need to be on-site often. In the event an on-site visit is required outside of the GTA, we use our partners to do so on our behalf, under our direction.